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What's in my Birchbox: August

I have been a regular subscriber to Birchbox for the last two years. If you don't know what Birchbox is then you might as well be living under a rock...jk. It is a subscription service that sends you 5 samples per month of a variety of beauty products to try out. It is a great way to discover new beauty products to add into your routine. 

For me Birchbox fulfills my constant want to try new products without breaking the bank. Plus it is like having a best friend recommend things to you. 

BirchboxAugust2013 2.jpg

1. Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer - Since I have gotten my box I have tried it several times. So far I like it. It seems moisturizing but doesn't cause my skin to become oily early in the day. I definitely need to give it more of a go then I have, but so far so good.

2. Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes - These are meant as antibacterial wipes for your feet. It is an interesting concept. They come from the idea that your feet get dirty wearing sandals in the city, which is 100% true. They are meant to quickly clean up your feet. While this is an adorable concept I am fine with using regular cheap wet wipes to do the same thing for a fraction of the price. I will definitely test them out to make sure they aren't some miracle product I am missing out on

BirchboxAugust2013 Eyeshadow.jpg
BirchboxAugust2013 Swatches.jpg

3. Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Quad - I have never had the pleasure of trying Coastal Scents products. I know they are well known around the YouTube and beauty community for their large makeup palettes. From first swatch I found the matte eye shadows to be quite chalky and it took a couple swipes to get a good swatch, but the shimmery colors came with good payoff with one go. If I ever wanted to get a massive cheap 188 pan palette for random looks I would probably look to Coastal Scents, but for every day use I would prefer something less hit or miss.

4. Tan Towel - I was super excited to see this in my Birchbox this month. I had tried Tan Towel's in the past (about 2-3 years ago) and from what I remember I really liked them. It is a premoisten cloth filled with self tanner. There is no color guard (the stuff that makes you look tan instantly) which makes these a little more difficult to use. I remember the color pay off being good and natural looking on my skin. They are formulated with DHA, a self-tanning product that works with your internal chemistry to make you tan. I would love to test it out again and see how well the tan lasts. I am always looking for an easy to use, long lasting, natural looking self tanner for my pale skin.

BirchboxAugust2013 Stila Swatch.jpg

5. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso - This is a classic red lipstick with the easy application of a lipgloss. I would definitely recommend that you use a mirror when putting this on because once it sets it really does stay in place. I haven't tried it on my lips yet (I might wear it to a wedding I have coming up), but on first swatch it went on glossy but within 5 minutes it dried to a matte consistency. When I went to wash it off it took a lot of scrubbing to get it fully removed, and it also stained my skin as well. I cannot wait to try this out to see how drying it feels on the lips.

All in all I found this month's Birchbox to be exciting. There was a nice variety of products that I would like to try for the first time and try again to see if I really did love them .  

Do you subscribe to any monthly subscription services? Do you like them?