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What's In My Bag: Wedding Edition


Wedding season is beginning to draw to a close. I have already been to a few this year. with another one this weekend. There are a few essentials that I like to have on hand while I'm spending the night dancing.  

The basics I always have in my evening clutch are hand sanitizer (I'm a clean freak when it comes to food, if there isn't a bathroom readily available to wash my hands before dinner hand sanitizer is a good backup), the lipstick I am wearing and my wallet (you never know when you may need your license or just want the cash on hand to tip the bartender).  

**Side note: From my boyfriend who has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade. Always tip the bartender at the beginning of the night and he/she will have typically have your drink ready by the time you get up to the bar. It is a great way to get good service if there is always a line at the bar.

Blister Block is always a must. I put it on my feet in area's where I feel like my shoes may give me trouble before the night begins. I keep the stick of Blister Block in my purse for reapplication if necessary. 

Near the end of the night I always switch out of my heels into flip flops. They are thin and easy to carry in my clutch, plus after a night of dancing the relief is always appreciated.

What are some of your must-have items when you are going to a wedding or formal event?