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Wet N Wild: No Neutral Ground

I confess, I am addicted to Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes. For the money, you can't beat it. The pigmentation rivals that of high end brands, but the price is one of the cheapest in the drugstore (their 8-pan palettes are only $4.99!!!). 

This weekend I went to Duane Reade and I saw Wet n Wild had a new collection of limited edition palettes, called "In the Spotlight" The current collection has three different palettes, I picked up "No Neutral Ground" which seemed the most wearable for me. 


photo-1 copy.JPG

This 6-pan palette has 8 shades in a variety of finishes (which can be hard to find in a palette, high end or low end).  As you can see all the colors are very pigmented (I swatched them over primer). The top three shades are very shimmery, the middle three are a more satiny with a slight iridescence to them and the bottom two are straight matte. The chocolate brown is one of the most pigmented browns I have ever seen and it has a beautiful buttery feeling.

I didn't notice a ton of fall out when I was using this palette, but I am normally careful with my eye shadow when applying it.  The colors applied great and blended easily. The jewel tone palette is great for the fall. I can't wait to try a look with the emerald green shades.

If you haven't tried Wet n Wild eye shadows before, then I suggest you run, don't walk, to the nearest drugstore and pick up some palettes.