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My Wallet Needs a Diet: 2 Week Check In

It has been two weeks since I started my "Spending Diet" (you can read about it here) . So far so good.

When I started my spending diet I didn't have much money in my checking account. The true test to me was when I got my paycheck this past Friday. I always go on a shopping binge right after I get paid. One week of basking in money and new items and one week of wallowing in the lack of finances I had going on, that was the cycle. 

So far this first weekend after getting paid was good. I paid my bills and only left myself with about $200 worth of spending money for the next two weeks. That money is meant for things like gas and food. Once it is gone it is gone. 

I have been trying to be diligent about bringing my lunch since starting the spending diet, but I have probably forgotten it more times then I have actually brought it. When I do forget my lunch, I try to keep the lunch I get cheap ($10 and under is the goal) which can be hard working in midtown.  

For the next two weeks I need to be better about bringing my lunch. Once I get myself into a routine then I should be good. Sometimes its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. 

I don't think I have crossed over the hump into the space where not spending money is easy yet. I know I have had to make myself stop and pause before reacting and walking into a shop, even if it is just to browse.

Trying to keep myself distracted has been a great way to forget about the mile long list of items I want to get. I have been concentrating on organizing my home and spending time with family.  

The next two weeks will be an interesting challenge, but I have made it to the halfway point and I am proud of myself. I hope that I can keep myself on a limited budget after I complete this challenge, it would definitely be much better for my wallet.   

My stubbornness will keep me on track until this bet is over. I just hope that I can keep up the good work and be more conscious of the things I buy after this is all over.