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Holiday Gift Ideas : Men

It is scary to say, but the holidays are right around the corner. There will be food and gifts and lots of time spent with family. It is one of my favorite times of year and sometimes one of my least favorite. Buying gifts for friend, family and loved ones can sometimes give you a massive headache, I decided I would come up with a few gift guides to help inspire you over the holidays.

HolidayGiftGuide Men.jpg

I always struggle to find a gift for the men in my life. Men can be these weird, self sufficient creatures that seem to need and want nothing. Whenever I ask my boyfriend or my dad what they want they can never seem to give me a straight answer. I have come up with a few gifts that I think the men in your life would love based on the habits of the men in my life, plus with some general things that any man would like. 

A good place to start with a man is grooming, especially when buying for a man you don't really know. Most men need to shave, so something like a luxe shaving kit is a nice way to let them pamper themselves without feeling like they are at a spa.

Over the last few months my boyfriend has gotten more into skincare, he has been loving the Kiehl's men's line. He has the facial scrub, face wash and the eye cream (he swears it makes his dark circles less obvious, I agree). He has also tried stuff from Jack Black and loved it as well. 

If grooming isn't their thing, then there are plenty of other options out there. My boyfriend has a tablet that he takes with him every where. He loves it for browsing the internet, catching up on magazines and reading books. It is a great all around device, personally the Kindle Fire HD looks awesome, its thinner, you can stream videos from Amazon on there as well, and even play a variety of games.  (PS. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I love it, I bring it everywhere).

Accessories are always good, my boyfriend and many of my guy friend are into things like watches and wallets. A good leather bag that they can use for travel or work is also a great option, it is something that most men will get a lot of use out of, but it is something they don't think to buy for themselves.

Lastly I think every man should know how to make a good cocktail. A fun cocktail recipe book with a shaker and their favorite liquor is always a nice gift. Plus then you can get them to make you some delicious drinks. 

I hope this inspires you while holiday shopping for the men in your life. What are somethings that you plan on picking up for your father, boyfriend, husband, brother or any other lucky man in your life? 

  1. Kiehl's 'Energizing' Men's Set 
  2. Jack Black Core Collection
  3. Michael Kors Mercer Large Chronograph Watch
  4. Fossil 'Estate' Messenger Bag
  5. Kindle Fire 
  6. The Art of Shaving 'The 4 Elements of a Perfect Shave'
  7. WANT Les Essentials de la Vie "Kennedy" Wallet
  8. The Craft of the Cocktail