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Glossybox October 2013

Glossybox seriously give Birchbox a run for its money, to be fair its about double the price, but wow the items can be awesome. So lets check out what I got this month. 

PS. I would love to do review on all these items. This is a first impressions / what I actually got in my subscription box. I am super backed up on trying products out, so I figured that as I use them, if I love them, I will include them in a monthly favorites post. Does that work for you? because it works for me.


1. Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes - I love a good mascara. I have previously tried (many many moons ago) Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes and loved it. This is supposed to be Tarte's statement mascara for va va voom lashes, volumizing, separating and lengthening. There is nothing I love more then lashes that are like ba-bam I am here. I cannot wait to try this out.

2. Bvlgari Au The Vert - This is Bvlgari's green tea perfume. To me it smells very fresh and citrusy, not typically my go to notes, but I want to test it out more. Specifically it has notes of Italian Bergamot, Tunisian Bitter Orange, Spanish Orange Blossom, Ceylon Cardamom, Jamicain Pepper, Russian Coriander, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Green Tea and Smoked Wood. It is described as lively, discreet and delicate. This is apparently a unisex perfume / cologne, I am typically a lover of men's cologne on women, but I don't think this is really a me scent, nor is it a scent my boyfriend would like. I will try it out a few more times, but so far, so blahh.

3. Sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel - I am super excited to try this, after reading more about it, this mild exfoliant seems very satisfying. It uses papaya enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells. You apply the gel to clean dry skin, massaging it in small circular motions, message gently until dry. The gel is said to bond with the dry skin cells and bead up, rinse off with warm water. 

4. Balance Me Shine On Tinted Lip Salve - Initial reaction, I am not wowed, but I thought it was more of a gloss then a lip treatment when I initially tried it and it let me down. I need to try it some more, the tint doesn't really show up as anything, which I am ok with considering it looks brown in the tube. It is said to use a variety of butters (mango, cocoa, and shea) to help keep your lips moisturized. Even if I don't love it, I will leave it at my desk at work and it will definitely get used up.

5. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream - In my mind you are never too young to start using anti aging products (says the 27 year old with currently 1 anti aging skin care product in her regimin). This anti aging moisturizer is said to keep skin hydrated and radiant with a Super 7 Complex (whatever that is). I know I need to add more anti aging products to my regime and this is the perfect addition to test out. I will definitely give you an update on this down the line.  

Do you receive a monthly Glossybox? If so, what did you get that I didn't?