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Desktop Beauty

Working in the city and commuting in the from the suburbs can be a pain some days. Most mornings I don't get a seat on the train, I stand for the 12 mile journey from the peace and quiet of suburbia into the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan. Since I spend most of my commute standing or walking (more like dodging) I like to keep my handbag as lightweight as possible. To do this I don't carry a makeup bag, but I do keep a variety of items to touch up with at my desk. 

Some of the items I keep at my desk are favorites, some are things I just want to use up, others are items I have bought on the fly because I stayed overnight in the city. All in all this is what I use when I need to touch up my makeup throughout the day or touch up before going out at night.  

1. ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzer -  I picked this up on a whim after I stayed over at my friend's apartment and I had to go to work the next day. I love the bronzer, I have heard this compared to Laguna and Orgasm by Nars. I haven't been able to do a side by side comparison, but the bronzer is highly pigmented. As for the blush, I don't feel like it is pigmented enough, it barely shows up on my fair skin, but for the $3 price tag I don't mind using just the bronzer over the blush. 

2. Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder - I bought this one day when I was tight on money and my skin was insanely oily. It might have been being clearanced out at Duane Reade, which makes me really sad, because I love it! I don't want to talk about this too much, but if you can find yourself this powder pick it up! It is the most natural looking pressed powder I have used in a long time, high end or otherwise. I apply it just with the poof that came with it. 

3. Tarte Natural Cheek Tint in Achiote - This cheek tint arrived one day in my Glossybox, I decided to keep it here because I can easily apply it without the use of a brush. The color is nice, the texture is weird. It is a little gritty, but it lasts ok and it does it's job. I am definitely not wowed by it. 

4. Philosophy Lip Shine in Raspberry Sorbet - A clear gloss is a good staple to keep around. It goes with every makeup look and I can apply it without a mirror. The Philosophy Lip Shine is a little sticky for my taste, but not being someone who likes to let things go to waste I use it while I'm at work when I feel like I need something on my lips.

5. ELF Studio Complexion Brush - This is a great all over brush, you can use it to apply blush, bronzer and even pressed powder. I mostly just use mine for bronzer and occassionally blush. It has a nice cheap price, I won't be heart broken if this brush ever dies.

6.  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Fair - I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. Every morning I use a corrector, concealer and a setting powder to minimize their appearance. Combine all those things with oily skin and the dark circles don't stay gone all day. I keep this corrector to help touch me up in the evening before I go out. It definitely helps cover them enough, but it is definitely not my favorite product. I don't know if I have the wrong color or I just hate the formula, but it is not my favorite and I will not be repurchasing it when it runs out.

7. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins - Lets be real, these are always handy to have around. 

8. Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - A combination / oily girl's best friend. You can take away shine without adding product.

9. Johnson's Body Care Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion - My hand get all kinds of dry and cracked in the winter. This isn't my favorite for relieving that, its not as powerful as I prefer, but it definitely does the trick.

10. Visine for Contacts -  I have worn contacts for 12 years now. I suffer from the occassional dry eye from staring at my computer for too long. These are great for relief from that dry eye feeling. 

11. Lux 369 Solid Perfume in Absolute! - Another Glossybox addition, this perfume is not 100% my style, but it is great to have around in case I forget to put on perfume in the morning. It is a soft feminine scent, that smells clean and powdery, nothing too overwhelming.

12. Hair Brush - My hair gets insanely tangled...clearly hairbrushes solve that problem.

13. Nail File - I chip my nails a lot. 

This might seem like a lot of items to keep at your desk, but I have found them all to be extremely useful for a variety of situations. I have enough makeup to touch up before a night out and enough make me look human if I spend the night at a friend's apartment.

As for what I actually carry in my purse beauty wise, I tend to have a lip balm and a fun lipstick.

What are some of your favorite beauty items you carry around with you?