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Clearing the Congestion

During me week down the shore I definitely slacked on my skincare routine. I came back from vacation with a tan and a super broken out forehead. The salt air, the sunscreen and the slacking on being diligent on skincare really took a toll.

I have spent the last weeks trying to makeup for my misgivings and I have finally gotten all my breakouts under control. I thought I would share with you the products I used to help clear up my skin. 


After washing my skin every night I used my Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion. I have talked about this product before (here). The gylcolic acid acts as a mild exfoliator, which helps reduce acne scarring and clear congested skin. 

In the mornings I skipped the toner and prior to putting on my make up I got back in the habit of using my favorite spot treatment, Clean and Clear Persa-gel 10.  It has one of the highest concentrations of benzoyl peroxide available in the drugstore. My skin loves benzoyl peroxide, it works wonders at clearing up my acne. I also use a small amount of it on my forehead when I am not broken out to help keep breakouts at bay.

A couple times a week I tried to use a face mask or two to help absorb excess oil and dry up my acne. There are two clay based masked that I used the most during this time. At the beginning of my hardcore treatment I brought out the big guns with the Green Tea Clay Mask by Evan Healy. This stuff is no joke. It comes in a powder form, you mix a little with some water to create a paste before applying it. This is definitely a deep pore cleanser, you can feel it going to work immediately. It helps draw the acne to the surface.  After it is rinsed off I definitely notice that it makes my skin red ( have heard this happens to many people with this mask) but the color dissipates quickly. 

Near the end of my treatment I switched to a less hard core clay mask with Michael Todd True Organics Kaolin Clay Mask. This mask helps helps with oil absorption, detoxifying skin and tightening pores. I do feel that after using this my skin feeling tight and lacking moisture.

If it is feeling particularly tight I will follow up with a moisturizing face mask to add moisture and nutrients back into my skin. My favorite moisturizing mask lately has been the Michael Todd True Organics Avocado and Mango Mask, it hydrates the skin with a mix of mango butter and gently exfoliates with salicylic acid. 

All these products are great on their own, but together they work as a team to help clear and decongest my skin. My skin looks worlds better since returning from the beach, it is smoother and more radiant. I never want to slack like I did again, but if my skin gets as bad as it was before at least I know I have some heavy hitters in my bathroom cabinet that will clear up the issue right away.  

What are some of your favorite acne products to help clear up your skin?