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Birchbox: October 2013

Another month, another Birchbox, and they keep just getting better. If you have been living under a rock, then here is the schpeal (no I am not sponsered by Birchbox, I am a loving subscriber who has been with them pretty much since the beginning) Birchbox is one of the original monthly subscription sample boxes. You pay $10 per month and they send you a box of samples (about 4-5) catered to your specific needs.


This month it was a bit skincare heavy, ok 2 out of the 5 were skincare based, which is perfect timing because I have been concentrating on my skin the last few weeks attempting to find a good working skincare routine. They also included a curl cream (which is one of those products I fail to buy but know I need to) and 2 lip products. 

1. Evologie Stay Clear Cream - The timing couldn't be better because I have skin that has been breaking out for years, I am finally trying to get it under control, but I would like to use less harsh products over time. This is said to protect skin and balance oil levels (perfect for my oily-combonation skin that produces oil at the drop of a hat). 

2. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls - Leaves your hair frizz free and feather light, curls perfectly managed. Let's see if all of this is true. I just put this in my hair after my shower, I am currently sitting here with wet hair and this product in it, hopefully my waves will look nice and soft. 

3. Pop Beauty Aqua Lacquer - A lipgloss that is said to be hydrating and plumping. I am not typically a fan of plumping lipgloss, but with a cool minty feeling it isn't as painful as other plumping lip glosses. I didn't notice this specifically plumping, but then again I naturally full lips. The gloss has a nice color and provides a nice shine, it is definitely a tad on the sticky side, but not as sticky as some and not a soft as my beloved NYX Butter Gloss. The applicator is interesting, it is like a flat piece of flexible plastic (see below),  its not my favorite but I am not used to it yet.


4. Serious Skincare Glycolic Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial - I am a sucker for face masks, and after using this one it definitely has things that my drugstore and lush masks don't have. This mask has left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. This minty cool mask helps at drying out acne, while washing off you get the added bonus of a mild exfoliation, which I love. You can definitely get 3 uses out of this sample, I am looking forward to trying this again. 

5. Chapstick Hydration Lock - Said to give 8 hour moisture, mine came in a nice vanilla flavor. I like this, basic and moisturizing Chapstick, to say it gave 8 hour moisture is quite the claim. It definitely is moisturizing, but I doubt that I won't have to or want to reapply before the day is over.