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Bad Skin Care Habits

We are all guilty of bad habits, I am even guilty of a few (ok, most) of these bad skin habits. Let's face it we are human, we are not perfect.  

When it comes to skin, you only get one shot with it. I do my best to keep it moisturized and taken care of, but from time to time I fall into these bad habits. Here are some bad skin habits that we all fall prey to.  

1. Not washing our makeup brushes - Makeup brushes can harbor bacteria, every time you use them you are spreading bacteria back onto your clean fresh face which can lead to breakouts or worse an infection.

You should be deep cleaning your brushes once a week. I am bad and I probably wash my brushes every 2-3 weeks, but I do like to regularly spot treat my brushes with rubbing alcohol. Don't worry the alcohol won't harm your brushes (I learned this way from Wayne or GossMakeupArtist on Youtube) . I pour some rubbing alcohol onto a tissue and swirl my brush in it to remove excess makeup while disinfecting.

2. Not removing your makeup at night - I once heard from someone that every time you don't remove your makeup at night you age yourself 17 days. I don't know how true that is, but keeping your makeup on over night is not good for you. While you sleep your body temperature rises while leads to a higher absorption rate to anything that is on your body, any bacteria that was on your face from during the day will go down in your pores, which leads to break outs.

I am not great at always removing my makeup. I probably forget once a month out of sheer laziness. Normally if I don't feel like washing my face I will at least try to use a makeup removing wipe. 

3. Not getting enough sleep - We are all guilty of this. We over schedule ourselves and push ourselves to the limit. Lack of sleep can lead to duller, drier skin and can lead to premature aging and wrinkles. No body wants that. 

4. Skipping sunscreen - Two words. Skin Cancer. I have been sliced and diced and let me tell you it is not fun. Other then the dreaded C word not using sunscreen and getting the full effect of the sun can lead to wrinkles, saggy skin and sunspots. Lets be real we have all seen the leathery skin of Magda from "There's Something About Mary" or "Tanning Mom". If you haven't, google it, you will be traumatized. 

You should look for a sunscreen that protects from both UVA & UVB rays. I don't always put on sunscreen everyday, but you should. I always try to find a moisturizer for my face that contains SPF in it. I wish that they put sun protection in more body lotions, I am all for killing two birds with one stone. If you know of any that are good, let me know, I would love to try them about.

5. Ignoring your neck and chest - It is so easy to forget, but your neck and chest are also part of your face. Your neck and chest are almost always exposed to the elements. These are the places that can show aging first on your body. The skin on your neck and chest is a thinner then the rest of your body, it will show the wrinkles and sunspots sooner if you do not treat the area.   

I try to remember to bring my face wash and moisturizer down on my neck and chest as well when I am washing my face morning and night. If you use any anti aging products it is also important to use them there too. On a side note, your hands can show aging as well, you can also use your anti aging products on the back of your hands as well.

6. Neglecting the eye area - The skin around our eyes is not the rest of our face. It is thin and delicate. When using a face wash and scrub it is important to avoid the eye areas, not because getting it in your eye will make you cry (it will) but because of how delicate the skin is around the eyes. 

Your daily face moisturizer is not formulated for the delicate skin area around your eyes. It is important to use an eye cream, it is formulated specifically for your eye area. It will keep it moisturized which in effect can help reduce the possibility of wrinkles. Even for someone young, it isn't bad to get in the habit of using an eye cream day and night.

7. Popping Acne - Hi my name is Holly and I am a picker. I can't help it. There is something satisfying in it. But it is HORRIBLE for your skin. It can leave your with scarring and hyper pigmentation. Squeezing your pimples can also push the bacteria farther down into your pores causing inflammation, infection and scarring, this can double the duration of your acne from one week to two.

It is hard I know, but don't do it. Instead use a topical treatment with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in it to help spot treat your acne. It will not miraculously go away overnight but it will shorten the duration and minimize the swelling and redness.

We are all guilty of these bad habits from one time to another. What habits are you guilty of?